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voice actor • voice over • author • home studio
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Do you need a voice?
My name is Andrea de Nisco, actor and voice actor for over thirty years and my voice is in the air, every day. Every project needs the right interpretation and it takes experience to get the perfect result and I have these skills.
Do you want to work with me?
I live in Milan and you can call me in a recording studio in the city, or I can reach you from my HOME STUDIO in every corner of the world, even the closest.
Where can you hear my voice?
Since many years, you can listen to it on TV, on the web, on your computer, in games, on the radio. I collected on this site you will find some examples of productions made with my voice.
Do you want to know which projects I worked on?
By visiting the site you will discover my experiences, and products, brands, programs, and media projects wherever my voice.
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