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Choose the voice "really Italian"!
My name is Andrea de Nisco, I'm a native Italian voice over talent.
I live and work in Milan, Italy. By "native", I mean that Italian is my first language, important for the target language audiences.  
I have more 30 years experience in acting, dubbing, radio, television programs, business presentations, narration, e-learnings, games,audiobooks, telephone services and more. I work many advertising companies, software house, television and radio station, translation agencies, international voices agency in Italy and in the world via internet. Cost depends on each individual project. All inclusive! PayPal available. For a small project, I can deliver my recording within 24 /48 hours.
Discover my work and hear my voice on this website.
I can send you my demo files or if you prefer, I can record a new demo using the script that you will send me.
Neumann U87I | audioboard Focusrite Forte
mixer Mackie 1402 | monitor Genelec     

In addition to my voice, you can use a female talent, Silvia
(you can listen to her voice and our new projects we have made recently on the website updated)
There are many reasons to work together!
I have over 30 years experience and everyday I work with passion in many projects; the recording receives the maximum attention because it’s important for you, it’s important for me too; it’s possible direct contact by telephone or via Skype for decide together the reading style, looking for the best result; my voice is recognizable, thanks to the many of commercial, television programs, video games, on the air everyday; the quality of my recording is high, because the equipments are the same of the professional studios and also for my expertise gained in over 10 years of recording in remotely; the delivery time is 24/48 hours maximum and any retakes in real time; the list of the projects and the satisfied clients in all the world grows every week; the cost is contained and all inclusive, clear quote and the backup of the recordings is secure for 1 year.
Thanks to high-quality video conferencing system (WebRTC) and the service offered by Source Connect Now and by other companies, you can participate in the real-time recording from your desk. Without any special equipment, no plug-ins or add-in program, and only through the Chrome browser and a good internet connection, you can connect "live" to hear my voice and participate in a recording session. Client, agency, production company, recording studio, voice actor: all connected simultaneously, everyone from where wants. Discover how easy and interesting.
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Italian language is spoken by an estimated 61 milion speakers worldwide, 55 milion of them in Italy and the rest in 29 other countries (Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Corsica, Albania, Luxemburg, Germany, Belgium, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentin).
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