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voice actor • voice over • author • home studio
voice actor • voice over • author • home studio
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My name is Andrea de Nisco and I have more than thirty years of experience as a voice actor and voice over. Since many years you can listen to my voice on television, on the radio and even more in the online videos of many sites and social channels that "speak" with my voice.

I began to use my voice professionally as a boy as a deejay on private radio stations in Milan and then as a voiceover in some commercials, television, and audiovisual programs; after theater schools, also as a voice actor in films, cartoons and games.
My work continues to give me great satisfaction, both thanks to the many successful TV programs and media projects to which I work it, and for the challenges, it offers me daily: in fact, every time, with commitment and passion, I face the microphone with enthusiasm and professionalism and so my voice announces, teaches, interprets emotions, narrates, explains, sells, informs, loves, suffers, laughs, plays ...

Do you want to know where you can hear me? Visit On Air, a page always updated with the latest productions, broadcast and available on the web, in which I have been involved; on the page dedicated to video Demos, you can find many examples of how my voice is used.

Among my experiences, there are also those of dubbing director, theater and radio author, and director, teacher, vocal coach.

If you need a voice for your project, all my experience is at your disposal to make the best recording possible and, whether you want to convene me in a recording studio or want to entrust you to my home studio, you will get exactly what you need for a perfect result.

Also, find out how I work on my international website

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